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A picture of me, in scout clothing

My name is Matthieu Bessat, I'am 14 years old and I'm in middle School. I live in in Eure, in Normandie. I have lot of passion as I am interested in everything: astronomy, the nature and the science in general. When I was 9 years old I joined the "scouts et guide de France", I'm still scouting: (I see myself dressed in the picture).

Since a long time, I'm interested to computing. But it is two years ago I began to take an interest in programming, after years of Minecraft. I had at first learn to build webpage in HTML/CSS and JS then step by step I have perfected to use the back-end langague as PHP, with PHP I learn the programming Object-oriented and I then learned the Framework. I'm a fairly large fan of web design, so I'm full of it and it is great. Fan of Raspberry pi and the shell, I also use Python with Linux. My ultimate dream would be to travel in space and build a Earth Ship.

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